I was designing a system to sell minutes for private shows but then I had the (clever) idea to just offer admins the ability to sell "credits" that can be used by members to buy all sorts of things like, minutes for privates, video downloads, video views, photoset downloads, photoset views, member show minutes, private chat minutes etc. etc. Basically everything that members access.
Brain dump:
Admin can set a custom name for credits so you can call them tokens, minutes, whateverFor photoset and video downloads, admin can set credit price in addition to USD priceAdmin can set how many credits = how many minutes for privatesAdmin can set how many videos can be viewed with x number of creditsCredits will be sold in the store. Admin can create as many credit packages as needed e.g. 100 credits for 100 USD, 200 credits for 175 USD etc.Offering credits will encourage members to pre-purchase content at a reduced rate.
Please let me know if you have anything to add. Please upvote if you like the idea. The first feature to use the credits wll be privates but we can then roll it out pretty quickly for video downloads and other things.